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We want to THANK all the bowlers that came out and supported us by bowling in this year's City Tournament for the Youth at Oak Tree Lanes and the Adult at Action Lanes and the Proprietors at both centers for hosting us..

Unofficial Results of the CITY TOURNAMENTS

This year was one of our biggest turn outs in the Adult City Tournaments in quite a few years so we hope that next year we will even see more of you participate in it.  Please talk to your proprietors and get them to bid for the tournament we only had 3 centers out of our 9 centers in our Association willing to host tournaments when we ask.
Women's City Tournament   - Full Results

Singles (Hdcp)

1st Place         Jocelyn Bustamonte            BRC West Covina           848
2nd Place         Lisa Steel                          Chaparral Lanes             735
3rd Place          Deoundra Nauis                  Chaparral Lanes            729

Singles (Scr)

1st Place            Denise Williams                Chaparral Lanes           702
2nd Place            Lisa Steel                        Chaparral Lanes           666
3rd Place            Gina Velande                    BRC West Covina         641

Doubles (Hdcp)

1st Place         Kathryn Santoro/Ofelia Carter   Bowlmor Beverly       1395
2nd Place        Marcia Martinez/Danette Silva   Bowlim Lanes          1388
3rd Place         Willetta Allen/Gail Gilchrist       BRC West Covina    1386

Doubles (Scr)

1st Place        Deoundra Nauis/Lisa Steel        Chaparral Lanes       1192
2nd Place       Marcy Smith/Denise Williams    Chaparral Lanes       1127
3rd Place       Janet Clark/Franki Matush          BRC West Covina    1098

Team (Hdcp)

1st Place        Marcy's Team                           Chaparral Lanes       2823
2nd Place       Uh Oh                                      Chaparral Lanes       2653
3rd Place        Tammi's Team                           Chaparral Lanes       2644

Team (Scr)

1st Place       Marcy's Team                              Chaparral Lanes     2613
2nd Place      We Got Game 2                          BRC West Covina   2094
3rd Place       Lets Bowl                                   BRC West Covina    1900

All Event (Hdcp)

1st Place      Grace Messenger                         Chaparral Lanes     2175
2nd Place      Deoundra Nauis                           Chaparral Lanes     2149
3rd Place       Kaitlyn Cook                               Chaparral Lanes     2134

All Event (Scr)

1st Place       Lisa Steel                                   Chaparral Lanes     1919
2nd Place      Denise Williams                          Chaparral Lanes     1914
3rd Place       Marcy Smith                               Chaparral Lanes     1866

Youth Bumpers - Full Results


1st Place     Salvador Vincent          BRC West Covina          250


1st Place     A Rose & 2 Thorns       BRC West Covina          701

All Event

1st Place      Salvador Vincent          BRC West Covina         491

Men's City Tournament - Full Results

Singles (Hdcp)

1st Place       Tom Cheng          BRC West Covina     779
2nd Place      Dean Reyes         BRC West Covina     753
34d Place      Larry Alanis          Bowlium                  746

Singles (Scr)

1st Place       Jason Carrillo         Bowlmor Beverly      681
2nd Place       Ken Kemper          BRC West Covina    667
3rd Place        Dean Reyes          BRC West Covina    657

Doubles (Hdcp)

1st Place       Richard Alanis/Larry Alanis      Bowlium                  1467
2nd Place      Marc Sy/Hermie Lebaquin        BRC West Covina    1437
3rd Place       Jon Caballeros/Alex Mochizuki Golden Mile             1433

Doubles (Scr)

1st Place      Ken Kemper/Brandon Golden   BRC West Covina      1315
2nd Place     Jon Caballeros/Alex Mochizuki Golden Mile               1241
3rd Place      Leo Najera/Jason Carrillo          Bowlmor Beverly        1219
                    Scott Poddig/Dave Kovach        Bowlium
Team (Hdcp)

1st Place      Tec Owls                     BRC West Covina       2880
2nd Place      Grumpy Old Men         BRC West Covina       2833
3rd Place       Danny Ly                    Action Lanes              2796

Team (Scr)

1st Place       Paul's Pin Pals            Golden Mile               2434
2nd Place      Team Apex                  BRC West Covina      2428
3rd Place       Left Team                    BRC West Covina      2349

All Events (Hdcp)

1st Place        Larry Alanis                Bowlium                    2180
2nd Place       Roy Uribe                   BRC West Covina       2147
3rd Place        Tom Cheng                 BRC West Covina       2142

All Events (Scr)

1st Place        Jason Carrillo              Bowlmor Beverly          1920
2nd Place       Paul Kaneta                Golden Mile                 1915
3rd Place        Dennis McNerny          Action Lanes               1889

Youth - Full Results

Div: 150 & Up
1st Place      Brandon Howard           BRC West Covina          687
2nd Place     Dominic Fisher             Turtlebowl Youth            683
3rd Place      Dante Montoya             Turtlebowl Youth            649

Div: 116 - 149
1st Place      Timothy LeCount           Turtlebowl Youth            720
2nd Place     Josh Gaudet                 Chaparral Lanes             700
3rd Place      Annette Hansen            Chaparral Lanes             688

Div: 115 & Under
1st Place       Kai Sunada                  Chaparral Lanes             753
2nd Place      Jacob Walton               Turtlebowl Youth             743
3rd Place       Mark Wang                  Turtlebowl Youth             735

Div: 300 & Up
1st Place      Madison Doyle/Brandon Howard     BRC West Covina     1454
2nd Place     Jonathan Fung/Stephanie Fung      BRC West Covina      1401
3rd Place      Dominic Fisher/Dante Montoya      Turtlebowl Youth        1358

Div: 231 - 299
1st Place      Xander Velasco/Martin Velasco       Turtlebowl Youth        1385
2nd Place     Nicholas Dorn/Mathew Wang          Turtlebowl Youth        1378
3rd Place      Jeffrey Chan/Megan Debord            Chaparral Lanes         1376

Div: 230 & Under
1st Place      Mark Wang/Lathan Chin                Turtlebowl Youth        1384
2nd Place     Harley Wilkison/Cassie Gutierrez    Chaparral Lanes        1358
3rd Place      Kia Sunada/Curtis Shingleton         Chaparral Lanes        1355

Div: 550 & Up
1st Place     No Name                  BRC West Covina          2706
2nd Place    Chaparral Tm 3          Chaparral Lanes             2625
3rd Place     Where's Our Name    BRC West Covina          2577

Div: 549 & Under
1st Place     Misfits                       Turtlebowl Youth           2818
2nd Place     Strikes R Us             Turtlebowl Youth           2707
3rd Place     Chaparral Tm 4          Chaparral Lanes           2639

All Event
Div: 150 & Up
1st Place     Brandon Howard          BRC West Covina          2256
2nd Place    Dominic Fisher            Turtlebowl Youth            1986
3rd Place    Jeffery Chan                 Chaparral Lanes            1938

Div: 116 to 149
1st Place    Mathew Wang              Turtlebowl Youth            2104
2nd Place   Josh Gaudet                 Chaparral Lanes            2041
3rd Place    Madison Doyle              BRC West Covina         2026

Div: 115 & Under
1st Place    Mark Wang                  Turtlebowl Youth           2182
2nd Place   Jacob Walton               Turtlebowl Youth           2177
3rd Place    Brandon Probert           Turtlebowl Youth           2174