San Gabriel Valley USBC

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Welcome to the San Gabriel Valley USBC Association website.

Our mission is to provide quality service to our members, host tournaments and provide recognition 

to the bowlers of the San Gabriel Valley.

On this website you will find information about upcoming tournaments in the San Gabriel Valley as well as California State and National tournaments, local honor scores bowled within our association, open meetings, bowling centers in the valley, youth programs, association information, and links to various other useful websites.  We are here to serve you, the bowler!  Do not hesitate to e-mail or call us if you need information if you cannot find it here. 

The San Gabriel Valley USBC is a network of volunteers who help to manage bowling leagues within our valley.

We provide the following services to bowling centers and leagues:

  • Operating of local USBC tournaments
  • Administering, processing and reporting of bowler information, tournament scores and award requests
  • Promoting the sport of bowling through association websites, newsletters, and social media
  • Offering local training and education opportunities in the sport of bowling
  • Running fundraising events for charities

On this site you will find helpful tools and links to get your bowling experience on a roll!

League Secretaries:

  • Remember that ALL bowlers in your league must submit a USBC membership card. Subs included! Failure to certify a bowler will result in league game             forfeitures or possible suspension.  
  • Download the local award forms, worksheets, and view our Average Book  on our website under our League Secretary Tools tab. They are PDF files, to              make for an easier download. 
  • Submit check or money order payments with SANCTION CARDS. Only personal checks from Association Secretaries will be accepted.                                             Make checks out to: "SGVUSBC"

  • Standard USBC Membership: $25
  • Senior League Sanction: $22 (*Purchased ONLY in a USBC Certified Senior League)
  • Basic League Membership: $10 (16 weeks or less; No local awards, certified average only; one league only)
  • Membership card only (POL): No Fee (*Membership purchased in another SGVUSBC league)
  • Local Transfer Fee (POA): $10 (*Membership purchased in another CA Association)
  • Out of State Transfer: $12

  • Standard USBC Membership: $11
  • Bowlopolis Upgrade (Ages 9 and up): $9.50
  • Junior Gold Upgrade U12 Division: Additional $10
  • Junior Gold Upgrade U15/U17/U20 Divisions: Additional $30
  • Special Olympics Membership: $17 (If over the age of 18, a doctors note is required)

News and Events

Hello Bowlers and Friends!

If you have not heard yet, we lost an important person in our bowling family.

Mark Parker passed away on Tuesday February 25th due to complications from Leukemia.

A celebration of life has been set up for April 4th. The link below is for the event created on

Facebook by Mark's mother, Rosie Parker and his girlfriend Melissa Glass.

Mark will surely be missed by many.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones during this difficult time.